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Quote JediSkipdogg Replybullet Topic: If Statement with 2 Tables
    Posted: Today at 8:17am
I have two tables linked together. The second table has a column at the end that has a version number for the record based on changes in the state crash reporting system. The formula is doing what I want it to do EXCEPT it is returning two results for a single record. It is returning both an actual Contour (the correct one) AND the N/A.

So {P_ACCID_OH_TAB.ROAD_CONTOUR_CD} returns a blank (assuming null) value or number 1-9. That then links to P_ROAD_CONTOUR_CD_VIEW which looks like this...

column_value     column_value_desc     column_abbr     rollup_column_value     rollup2_column_value     jxdm_rollup_value     status_cd     catg_desc     tree_order     version
1     Straight Level          1          1     L               1
1     Straight Level          1          1     L               2
2     Straight Grade          2          2     L               1
2     Straight Grade          2          2     L               2
3     Curve Level          3          3     L               1
3     Curve Level          3          3     L               2
4     Curve Grade          4          4     L               1
4     Curve Grade          4          4     L               2
9     Unknown          9          9     L               2

I created the following formula so it returns data no matter what. It is that last column where there is a 1 or 2 that is kicking my butt. I only need it to return the description from above if there is something in P_ACCID_OH_TAB.ROAD_CONTOUR_CD and when it returns, it needs to return what version 2 is and not the same record twice if that makes sense.

Local StringVar Contour;

if not isnull({P_ACCID_OH_TAB.ROAD_CONTOUR_CD}) and {P_ROAD_CONTOUR_CD_VIEW.version}=2 then Contour:={P_ROAD_CONTOUR_CD_VIEW.column_value_desc} else Contour:="N/A";

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